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Snap-on Dentures (Overdentures)

Need to replace all of your teeth? Overdentures, which are also called snap-on dentures, are an efficient way to rehabilitate your smile.

Snap-on Dentures vs. "Plates"
Unlike conventional removable dentures, overdentures use 2-4 implants to secure them in place. There are small buttons under the base of the overdentures, which "snap" onto the implants in your mouth. But a traditional denture rests directly against your gum tissues.

Implant Supported Example

Advantage of Overdentures
Snap-on dentures are excellent for people who need to restore all of their teeth or may not qualify for a typical dental implant therapy. Merging overdentures with implants provides numerous perks for denture wearers, like:
  • Better stability
  • Affordable alternative to implants
  • Easy maintenance
  • Improved comfort

Unlike a traditional denture that uses suction to keep it in place, an overdenture physically clips onto the implants underneath. Although it's still removable, the added reinforcement helps to prevent issues like rubbing, sores, slipping, or having to rely on a denture adhesive just to get through the day.

Can I Retrofit My Denture?
If you have a fairly new denture but are struggling to adjust to it, you might want to ask if it's possible to have it retrofitted into a snap-on denture. Our Decatur dentist, Dr. Haider, will work with you on a case-by-case basis to determine if this is an appropriate option.

How to Wear an Overdenture
Snap-on dentures are a cross between permanent implant dentures and conventional plates. They're not meant to sleep in overnight. You'll still want to take them out, clean them appropriately, and put them back in the next morning. Otherwise you can develop buildup or food debris underneath, which may lead to an infection. Are snap-on dentures right for you? Visit our Decatur implant dentist, Dr. Haider, to reserve a zero-pressure consultation. We're happy to answer any questions you may have!

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